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Most Summers, starting the first Sunday of June, Pastor Archer provides a Marriage Class/Study during the Adult Discovery Hour.  Marriage, as created by God when He created us, is designed for us to show His love to each other within the most intimate of relationships.  But we find all kinds of ways to mess that up.  Most of us need to regularly re-tool or tweak some things in our marriage relationship, some of us need some initial guidance and direction on how to navigate this potentially incredible relationship, while others find they need some major assistance to get on the right track.

This last Summer, 2016, we utilized Francis and Lisa Chan’s latest Study, “You and Me Forever”.  It’s free now to view online.  Just click here for you and your spouse, or even you and your small group, can enjoy learning how to live out the Gospel in your marriage.



Marriage 101 - Couple's Checkup

Click here to take a Couple's Checkup Assessment!

If you’ve been married for awhile and just want a ‘Check Up’ on your marriage, enjoy this assessment to see where your marriage is stronger and where you have areas needing growth.”  If you would like some assistance walking through the results, contact Pastor Archer HERE to chat about getting together.



If you are looking at getting married (even before you’re engaged), or you are having some difficulties in your marriage, we have Mentor Couples ready to be your Pre-Marital Coaches and Pastors ready to help walk you through the difficulties.  We use an assessment created by Prepare-Enrich, which highlights the main areas of a marriage relationship, showing your stronger areas to celebrate and areas to grow in – with activities to help you do just that – Grow.


For more info on Prepare-Enrich, click HERE.

If you would like to set up an appointment to chat further about this resource or our Marriage Coaching, click HERE to contact Pastor Archer.


Family Life

Making a Real Difference

Changed lives. That's what people discover after engaging with FamilyLife–their lives and marriages are changed dramatically for the better.


The 5 Love Languages

Learn your love language

Take the official 5 Love Languages Personal Profile to learn your love language and share it with your spouse!


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