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Get Involved

At Faith, we do not want to just plug holes with anyone who shows any interest in serving.  We believe God has "S.H.A.P.E.D.ed" each of us to accomplish specific purposes and ministries.


Do you know your S.H.A.P.E.?  Do you know God has something specific that He wants you to accomplish?


If you are ready to get involved at Faith Church, here are the steps to pursue:

  • Check out the Spiritual Growth Path Classes, during the Discovery Hour, where you will learn what Faith Church is all about, How to discover your spiritual gifts and employ them in the Body of Christ, how to grow in maturity through discipleship, and how to live a missional lifestyle.  See the Discovery Hour classes page for more info.
  • Check out what ministries are going on at Faith Church!  We have a lot of info right on this website, and you can also contact us with questions or to get more details.  Think about your spiritual gifts, and the passions and abilities that God has given you, and see where you would be most effective and most fulfilled in serving.  If you're not sure, contact us and let us help you!


We welcome everyone who attends Faith Church to plug into a ministry, a small group, and a discipleship class.  For all teaching and leadership positions it is required that you be a member of the Body of Christ, as well as a member of Faith Church (or meet with the Elders to be interviewed, discuss and be evaluated on a year to year basis).  But all are encouraged to attend the many and various ministries!


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