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Stories of Grace

Here are some brief statements of the many ways that God has been at work in the lives of His people.  You may also want to share your story of grace to encourage others.



Yesterday afternoon my dog Zelda jumped into the tub in the bathroom to let me know she wanted fresh water in her dish. I filled the dish then watched. She stared at the dish from a distance. Then when the water was completely still she drank to her hearts content. This made me think of a verse from the 23rd Psalms..."He leads me beside the still waters, He restores my soul." Zelda was afraid to drink the water when it was moving. We can drink the living water that God provides us to our hearts content without a trace of fear because He leads us to "still" waters. May God's peace surround you today. (age 34)



Several weeks ago while shopping at Walmart, I was standing in line to check out.  There was a lady who had a ton of groceries at the check out, and she was having some trouble.  Because of this,  the line wasn't moving and the lady in front of me decided to leave. When she stepped out of line, that put me next to a lovely young lady who had a baby in a carrier on the cart.  I commented on the little one and she began to tell me about all of his illnesses.  It was really sad.  After hearing her sad story I told her about MOPS here at our church.  I suggested that  maybe she would enjoy coming to it.  She turned to me and told me that she didn't have time to go to church.  She was much too busy.  By now, the line began to move.  I reached toward her and after getting her name I told her that maybe she DID need GOD.  As they were packing her groceries in her cart I opened my purse and what did I find but a stack of Devotional Booklets from Radio Bible Class that I had picked up this summer and had planned to bring over to the church that very day.  I looked quickly at the top two titles and the first one was....Life isn't always Fair.  I grabbed them out of my purse and handed them to her.  She looked at them and said...."Maybe God did have you here in this line today just to speak to me."  As I went to the car I prayed for the pretty young mom...that she would visit MOPS and have her heart blessed here. (age 67)



I was conceived out of wedlock by a very young couple who thought enough to marry so that I would not be shamed. Their marriage did not work out and they were divorced. Mother then married a man who turned out to be a raging, mean alcoholic. As it turned out he was also a pedophile. As a teen I began thinking about marriage. I wanted to be pure when I got married and I finally got up the courage to start saying, “NO!” After many years of marriage I sometimes found myself fantasizing about the past. The Bible was quite clear about such things. I hated myself for going there in my mind. I still have a sense of shame to think about that even though the Lord has forgiven me and so has my husband. Jesus paid the price for my sin. It took a long time before I could even confess that sin to myself. When I did it made me sick to my stomach. How do you go to Holy God and spill such filthiness? It took a lot of counseling before I could make that confession, deal with the past, forgive my perpetrator, and try to sort out a myriad of emotions caused by my abuse as a child. It took a long time to accept that God forgives even those things and it took a long time to accept God as my Father. Occasionally I tend to go back and pick that guilt up again. I must keep reminding myself “if God loves me enough to forgive me, who am I to keep picking up that guilt?” To carry that guilt is arrogance. Who can stand before God in arrogance? Thank You, Lord, for Your amazing love so full of grace. Thank you for forgiving us and growing us.  (age 70's)



"Ever since I have decided/waited/ to allow God to show up and show off He has done amazing/wonderful things w/our finances.......not out of the woods by any means yet, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.....and praying daily for our spouses has been wonderful as well....God is truly changing my heart!!!! only took 17.5 years but who's counting!!!!!"  (age 44)



"God has shown me many blessings through the hardships, and has made me realize just to take it to him in prayer, thank him, and he knows our every need. I have gone through a car wreck with just only 1cm from being paralyzed, to having birthing difficulties, to living with a spouse of many addictions which lead to a hurtful divorce and kid hurts as was not there for them, to overcoming the hardships of raising 2 kids by myself, to a broken bone, and no family near. But God saw my every need -- thank you God, you're so awesome, many many praises to you!" (age 40)



"I once was a sad lonely little girl who didn't know God and lived in deep bondage. Now I am gracefully happy with who I have become and thankful for the people God has put into my life to make me a stronger woman and have deeper faith. God you are an AWESOME GOD!" (age 25)



"God in his grace is truly showing me how to live this Christian life in FREEDOM and not in bondage to the lies of the evil one. I now know what it means when Gods word says "The truth will set you free" and you will be free indeed. I praise my Lord and Savior!!" (age 57)



"I was stopped from taking my own life." (age 45)



"Through the trials of cancer God reminds me that He is always with me, that all earthly things are temporary and that my true home will be in heaven with Him, forever!!! Friend, please don't be left behind." (age 61)



"Once I was a rage-aholic but I've found deliverance through Christ's love, guidance and patience."



"I was lost and without purpose, now I have the truth of God after accepting Jesus here in Sunday School." (age 12)



"God’s grace and love has given me courage to face cancer. I have never before felt such fear, peace, and joy as I have on this journey. My God is truly an awesome God!! (age 44)



"God keeps surprising me with answers to prayer that are far better than what I even thought to ask!" (age 40)



"I used to worry day and night, now I trust in God to keep me safe." (age 11)



"God is helping me to have more patience.  Relying more on Him and His wisdom is bringing me more peace."



"God has been there through the trials and I know I can trust Him regardless the outcome." (47)



"God helped me to live" (age 33)



"God helped me to forgive" (age 33)



"God helped me realize... He is all I need to get through divorce, cancer x2, being alone, being a single parent, having a daughter in prison, having children with addictions and an ex-husband, and He is worthy to be praised over and over." (age 54)



"God has changed my life from the inside out. I'm not what I once was." (age 16)



"God gave me His saving grace. He has reminded me that NOTHING is too big for Him" (age 24)



Today while taking communion I was filled with the Holy Spirit and it was an amazing experience. It was a mix of fear and joy all in one my body was shaken by his presence! God is good!! Thank you!! (age 34)


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