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Wild Game Dinner

Over the last 14 years or so we have enjoyed hosting an annual Wild Game Dinner for our outdoors enthusiasts.  It started out as 10-12 guys getting together for venison stew and had expanded to include the whole family, with nationally known speakers and all kinds of wild game to eat on top of the normal venison stew and tips.  It was one of our ways of being able to say to our friends and community, we love Wisconsin hunting along with you and we want you to know Jesus as we do.


As of 2017, we are putting the Wild Game Dinner on the shelf for a few years as we evaluate, change, etc.  We hope to bring this back in the near future, but will be praying and discussing in the meantime.


Thank you to all who have come to this great event over the years.  Stay in touch.  And, check out or other events for Men, Women and Families at Faith Church.


Archer Leupp

Pastor of Adult Ministries


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